Services ISISS the Russian Academy of Science

The services given by ISISS RAS RAS on a contract basis provide to the customer:
- The preparation of the analytic-abstract information on a theme of the customer and other kinds of the specialized information;
- The connection to the automated databases, training of the consumer to dialogue search, granting of necessary methodical materials and copies of a DB;
- The search in foreign databases by inquiry of the customer, including help databases.

Library service:
- Creation of the problem-oriented bibliographic local DB;
- Copying of information sources;
- Preparation of new information materials on a theme of the contract for the customer:
- Translation of foreign information sources;
- Preparation of original-breadboard models, typographical services, including the issue of limited editions;
- The advertising of production and services of the customer in the editions of the Institute.

Rules of record in the library

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