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The Basic Library ISISS RAS created in 1918, has the status for a library of federal value, since 1920 it receives the obligatory complimentary copy of documents. The number of the funds of the library is in total of 13,5 million copies of documents on ancient, modern East, European and Russian languages. Rare editions of XVI - the beginning of XX centuries are also stored in the fund.

The information on funds is reflected in the system of card (alphabetic and subject) catalogues, electronic databases (2,5 million bibliographic records), printed current and retrospective bibliographic indexes on social and humanitarian sciences. The Basic Library ISISS RAS provides library-information and reference-bibliographic service for users in specialized reading rooms, scientific - information centres, the interlibrary subscription through a network of libraries in the institutes of the Russian Academy of Science, and also gives access to electronic resources in the Internet network.

The Library performs scientific and methodical work on the problems of library science and bibliographic knowledge. The Basic Library ISISS RAS carries out wide international cooperation in the field of library science. The Library conducts the international book-exchange with 874 partners in 69 countries of the world, in structure ISISS RAS is a member of Russian library association (RBA) and the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA). .

Figures and the facts

The staff of the Library - 342 persons
- The year of the foundation of the Library - 1918. The former name of the Library - The Basic Library of Social Sciences (since 1969 - ISISS RAS the Russian Academy of Science)
- The Areas of the Library - 30084.2 sq.m .
- Quantity of readers - 31399
- Quantity of visits - 202000
- Categories of readers - scientists, teachers, post-graduate students, diploma-students.Restrictions on service - are not present
- Book fund - Units of storage: 5736229
- Periodicals - 7329177
- Language of publications - ancient both modern European and East; Russian
- Audiovisual materials - 18971
- Deposited manuscripts - 110179
- Mimeo-graphic documents, dissertations - 450444
- System of catalogues - alphabetic and subject
- The Electronic catalogue - databases on all branches of social sciences. 2.5 million records since 1981
- The International and Russian interlibrary subscription - 87 subscribers (only Moscow)
- The International book-exchange - 874 partners in 69 countries


Gluhov Victor Alekseevich, Candidate of technical science, the deputy director on scientific work,
The head of the Basis library
(095) 128-89-71 
Reshetnik Tatyana Ivanovna
The deputy the head
(495) 332-47-16

The additional information

Record of readers
(495) 128-05-63
The interlibrary and individual subscription
(495) 120-21-21
Deposition of manuscripts
(495) 128-88-29
Manufacturing of copies
(495) 120-95-44

Rules of record

For record in Library are necessary: the passport, the diploma about education (or the post-graduate certificate, the student's card), one photo 3 to 4.

For not the employees of the Russian Academy of Science - . a letter-directive from the organization addressed to Director of ISISS RAN JU.S. Pivovarov, the Academician of Russian Academy of Science.
Information on ph. (095) 128-05-63

More detail about record of readers

Work time

The Library ISISS RAN works on weekdays from 9-30 o'clock till 18 o'clock. Saturday and Sunday - the days off.

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