Electronic copying and delivery

The Service for Electronic Copying and Delivery (EDDAS) offers all users of databases ISISS RAS on CD-ROM or on Web-site ISISS RAN,manufacturing and delivery of electronic copies of sources (articles from magazines and collections), which are placed in the funds of library ISISS RAS.

Necessary data for realization of the order and its payment are stated below.

Copies are carried out in a Portable Document Format (PDF) as images of pages. To read and list PDF-files use Acrobat Reader - a free-of-charge distributed program which can be found to the address: www.adobe.com or take here. Look at a typical file in PDF-format.

It is also possible to perform copies in TIFF-graphic format and in Rich Text Format (RTF).

The service of EDDAS ISISS RAS carries out recognition of texts without the subsequent editing and does not guarantee the quality of copies in RTF-format. In those cases when sources contain a plenty of unrecognizable symbols (polygraphic defects, graphics, mathematical formulas, etc.), copies are carried out only in graphic format PDF without prior informing of customers.

Date for making copies - from 3 working days. For sources which are placed in the branches of library ISISS RAS or are occupied on agreement by readers, a period for making copies can be increased up to 15 and more working days.

The copies which have been performed are placed on server ISISS RAS (the addresses of files are informed to customers by e-mail). Copies may be sent by e-mail. We ask to take into account, that copies in format PDF can be large in volume enough (10 pages of the text occupy from 500 KB up to 1 Mb). Therefore it is necessary to check up whether your mail can accept big files.

Services on electronic copying cost 4 roubles 80 copecks (in format PDF) and 6 roubles (in format RTF) for 1 page of the primary source, and 6 roubles for the processing of one order. On ordering through the search system placed in databases ISISS RAS in the Internet, the order of one copy of an article or a brochure (up to 50 pages) costs 80 roubles.

For sources in volume more than 50 pages the cost of the order (80 roubles) only includes copying of a table of contents on which it is possible to order copies of separate sections for an extra payment. Copying of books is not carried out in full volume.

Reception of orders is carried out through the special order module in the search system. At registration in the search system specify a preferable format of a copy and a way of transfer. Check up the e-mail address which is entered at registration. After the copies have been manufactured, the system automatically dispatches letters with addresses of copies to the address specified by you.

After searching in databases you can mark articles which you need for copies, and make the order by pressing the button " the Order of Copies " in the bottom of the screen for viewing records found in the database. The order can be paid by post or bank to the account ISISS RAS. After you have paid send us on e-mail edd@inion.ru the following data:

  • Number of the order (it is indicated by the system);
  • the name of the user (under which you were registered in system);
  • date of the order;
  • the transferred sum and the quantity of the ordered copies.

Settlement account: 7727083108 on Moscow
Institute of the scientific information on social sciences RAS
p/a 06319338500
Branch N 1 of Moscow GTU Bank of Russia Moscow 705
s/a 40503810300001009007
In the purpose of payment specify: " For E. KBK 5020000 according to 3, permit 67 from 02.11.01"

Orders for copying are sent by e-mail edd@inion.ru. Together with the detailed description of a source it can be desirable to send to the service of EDDAS the storage code of library ISISS RAS which is available on all our bibliographic records in the databases. It will reduce the period of performance of the order. We remind that the performance of the orders are preferred which have acted in service through the search system, instead of by e-mail.

Besides you can make the order by filling the form "the Order of a copy ".

The organizations and private persons can conclude the long-term contract on electronic copying of sources from the funds of the library INION. On questions of the conclusion of contracts address by phone (095) 128-92-44 or by e-mail edd@inion.ru See our typical contract.

You can send the filled contract to us by fax: (095) 128-39-76.

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