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   Centre of Social Scientific - Information Researches

Centre of Humanitarian Scientific - information Researches
Centre of Scientific-Information Researches of Global and Regional Problems
Centre for Scientific - Information Researches on Science, Education and Technologies.
Centre of Information
Publishing Centre

Centre of Social Scientific - Information Researches

The Centre of Social Scientific - Information Researches carries out information-analytical work in the field of economy, histories, sociology, social psychology, jurisprudence and political science.

The Basis trends of the Centre activity include: studying the problems of market economy, social and economic aspects of corruption, the features for development of the employment market in a transition period, the functioning of the bank system in Russia, theories and practice of federalism, regional management and local self-management, the problems of criminality prevention, the theory and methodology of political science, political culture, political elites, types of authority in a comparative-historical prospect, General and Russian history, History of Idea; the actual problems of modern Western and Russian Sociology and Social Psychology.

The abstract magazines reflecting Domestic and Foreign Literature on economy, history, sociology, State and Law, and also subscription periodicals " Political Science " and " Economic and Social Problems of Russia " are issued.

Head of the Centre - director ISISS RAN, Academician of the Russian Academy of Science J.S.Pivovarov
Ph. ( 095 ) 128-89-30 E-Mail:

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